Volume I

Volume II

Moral Education: A Curriculum, is a comprehensive list of what the young need to learn about morality. The first volume is for children and young adults. It sets out what can and should be taught to children at various ages, and how to most effectively teach children at those ages. It teaches what and how the young should think about morality, and it teaches the young to act in compliance with moral obligations.

The second volume presents the major moral philosophers and their thinking on moral matters. This volume I is for young adults who have a particular interest in moral ideas. These young adults are the moral thinkers of the future and the ones who will help us to discern what our moral obligations are in a new and changing world.

Ruby Cardella is a longtime teacher who has teaching experience in grades one through twelve.
She has a BA in English, an MA in Education and graduate courses in philosophy with a particular interest in moral philosophy.
In retirement she has had the time to reflect upon and to write about changes in the approach to moral education. From the nineteen fifties to the nineteen nineties the teaching of morality has been effectively removed from the classroom and replaced by managing student behavior according to the behavioral model. The results have been moral confusion and increased moral wrongdoing, conditions that have been deplored by everyone. Clearly the behavioral approach has been inadequate to the task of teaching children appropriate behavior.
Putting together her thoughts on how to improve the teaching of morality, she found the whole subject had to be rethought, and a completely new kind of curriculum developed. These two volumes are the results of her rethinking.